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Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant was established in 1995 as a Father and his son adventured into the restaurant business. Soon thereafter, Gavino’s daughters joined to help make Pepe’s a true family business. It has flourished over the last 23 years from a small café into one of Powellites all-time favorite places to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine. The dishes on the menu originate from Gavino’s beloved mother, (Grandma Julia) who was a wonderful cook. Her legacy lives on through each dish, although each of her grandchildren (Elva, Pricilla, and Mark) have contributed by expanding the menu as well as adding their own unique touches to the already amazing meals. Pepe's invites you to come on in and try these delicious meals.

Pepe’s serves Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even some American fare making Pepe’s a great spot for Family Dining

Pepe's, we're cooking for you!